how to write a hipster rock anthem


it really is that easy

In the early days of BuzzFeed Video, the weekly output quota per producer was two videos a week. Then someone got the crazy idea that if maybe we spent a little longer on a video, it would increase the quality and performance. But first we had to test that theory. So we’d rotate who got to work on JUST ONE video that week.

For my go at it, I decided I’d write a song, record, and make a video, based on the idea that all of these “hipster pop songs” sounded the same (essentially rehashes of Arcade Fire’s Funeral.) So I banged my head against a desk for 3 days, wrote and recorded a song in a day, my friend Jamie swung by and recorded some vocals, we shot the video, and edited it. It’s one of my least successful videos BUT most critically acclaimed.

I did write the song ironically.

Ironically it’s one of the better songs I’ve written.

There’s a reference to one of my favorite films RoboCop at the end of the video.